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How do I add a network printer on a Mac?

LPS staff have the ability to add some network printers on their Mac computers. This ability is mainly limited to copier machines  Table of Contents Adding Printer Printing a Document   Adding Printer 1. Click on Apple logo at the top... Read More

How to Enable or Disable Send All Calls

"Send All Calls" is a feature on your desk phone that will automatically send any incoming call to voicemail. This feature is sometimes used in cases where someone may not be in the office for an extended period of time and would like calls... Read More

How to update a Chromebook

Table of Contents Update newer OS (Chrome OS 80+) Update older Chrome OS   Update newer OS (Chrome OS 80+) 1. Log into your Chromebook. 2. Click the clock area at the bottom-right of the screen, then click Settings (gear icon). 3. Click on ... Read More

How do I clean & disinfect my devices?

Cleaning and disinfecting the devices in your room will not only help keep your equipment clean, it is also an important step in preventing hardware failures due to dirt & dust buildup. Table of Contents Cleaning Devices Disinfecting Devices ... Read More

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