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How to update Windows OS via Software Center

*Please note this upgrade WILL take over your device and may take up to 2-3 hours

1. Insert an ethernet cable into the network port on the laptop (If using a desktop then an ethernet cable is most likely already inserted and can skip to step #2)

2. Click Start Menu>type WINVER then look and keep in mind what Windows OS version your laptop/desktop is currently running (either 1709,1809,1909, or 20H2).

3. Next, restart the laptop/desktop while the ethernet cable is plugged in: Click Start Menu>click Power icon>click Restart

4. After the restart please log back into the laptop/desktop.

5. Click open the Start Menu and type Software Center>press Enter

*Software Center may take a few minutes to fully open and load.

6. Once inside Software Center please click the Operating Systems tab>Click the newest available upgrade for your system (either 1709,1809,1909, or 20H2)

7. Click Install>click Ok

8. The upgrade will begin to take place. Your should eventually see status bar in the middle of your screen.

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