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How do I create a new ticket inside Incident IQ Ticketing System?

New Ticket

  1. Log into the Incident IQ using your LPS email and password by clicking Microsoft Azure

2. Once logged in click New Ticket located in blue on the top taskbar.

3. Select what is the ticket about or choose Other Requests if you do not see your specific issue.

4. Depending on your issue you may be asked to select the model of device you are using. Please search for a brand name and a model number usually located underneath the device or the front label.

5. Next describe in detail the issue you have. Please remember to be specific since this can help the tech resolve your issue faster.

6. Please do not include any student personal information like full name or personal addresses. The student ID is sufficient. 

7.Please include any screenshots or pictures to help describe your issue if applicable. 

8.Make sure to set a school location and room number. There is an Edit Location drop down menu in the top right of the Ticket Progress bar.

*If you need to edit location, model type, or add information on accessories you can on this Ticket Progress bar

9.You can add other staff to the ticket by searching for their LPS email. This will enable email notifications for them as well.

10.Click submit ticket when you are done adding information.

11. Review the ticket once it has been submitted. You can add additional comments if needed.

12. Edit a comment if needed.


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