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Link EasyBridge/Realize Classes to Google Classroom

Login to Realize via EasyBridge


Go to The Clever Portal


Once at the Clever Portal home page, click on the "Savas EasyBridge Plus" bookmark


Click the triangle next to the Classroom name you want, then click on the Savvas Realize link for that class


Reset Google Classroom link

Click on your name in the upper right, then click Settings

Scroll down the Profile page till you get to the section named "Account Linking", and click on the "Disconnect" button


Click the "Yes" button on the "Are you sure?" popup

Click on "Get Started" button to reconnect your account together

a page labeled "Sign in with Google" may show up if you are logged into more than one Google account, if soo, please use you school account

Allow Realize access to link the classes in Realize to the classes in Google Classroom


Link Existing Realize class with existing Google Classroom class

Click on "Classes" on the top of the Realize Website

Click on "Class settings" for class you want to link

Click on "Connect Google Class"

Select the correct Google Class from the list

If you had changed the title of the Google Classroom, look at section notes under the title to see the original name 

Select the Realize Class of the same name

Make sure it stay "(Linking)" in Realize Class, and you have selected the right program for the class, then click on the Review button

Make sure it say "Linking Google Classroom Class with a Realize Class"

After the process, it will list the class to connected between both system

You can repeat the linking process for each of your classes 

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