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Free up diskspace on a Chromebook

1. Please go to the LPS website and click the Families tab from the menu at the top of the page.

2. Click "Clever Students" from the drop-down menu and log in to Clever as a student using your first.lastname and password.

3. Scroll down and look for the Google Admin icon in your Clever Portal.

4. Click open Devices Chrome Devices.

4. To search for a single Chromebook, change the Status to All then click on "Search or add filter" and enter the serial number of the device


5. Click the checkbox next to the device in question from the list, then click on the button at the top right labeled "Reset selected device(s)"

Reset Selected Device(s) icon

Note: If the reset option does not appear, the Chromebook is too old for this operation or has been offline for more than 2 years.

6. Select "Clear User Profiles" and check on "I understand this will remote data from the device and cannot be undone.", Then click on the "RESET" button

Note: If the Chromebook is online, the next time the Chromebook starts up and reports back it will automatically reboot to start the wiping process.

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