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Connecting to the LPS Wireless network (Guests)

Table of Contents Information Connecting to the LPS Guest wireless network Information for Guests Information for LPS staff Information about students   Information Guests visiting the district will have the option to temporarily connect to our... Read More

How do I connect to the LPS network via VPN?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) access at LPS is used to allow personal devices to securely access specific resources on our network. NOTE: Your LPS account will need to have VPN access before you will be able to download and set up the VPN software. ... Read More

Remove Metered connection settings

If the student has set the wired internet access to be a "Metered connection", the computer will not download MineCraft and other apps   Click on the network icon in the bottom, then click on "Network & Internet settings" If you see "You'... Read More

Status Pages

Statuspage.IO Based: Clever Status Zoom Status ST Math Status Freckle Status Savvas System Health Status Imagine Learning Status Nearpod Status CommonLit Status Amplify Status Flip Status Khan Academy Status Calendly Status Great Minds Status Others:... Read More

VPN Abuse

If the system is a personal device, you may register it by install the Microsoft's Company Portal App (for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows, as well for Linux/GNU in beta) If you do not wish to install the Company Portal App, Please disable your... Read More