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Connecting to the LPS Wireless network (Guests)



Guests visiting the district will have the option to temporarily connect to our network for basic internet access. This option is available for any device that is able to connect to a wireless network, such as a laptop or smartphone. This option may not be available for specialized devices requiring special network access.

Any guest wishing to connect to our wireless network will need to reach out to the school, department or organization they are working with to receive a guest password. The password is kept by the administration or office staff at each LPS school or department. Staff can reach out to the LPS Help Desk if they do not have the password on hand.

NOTE: All schools, organizations and departments have their own guest wireless passwords. This helps us compartmentalize leaks and keep the unauthorized access to a minimum.

WARNING: Any passwords found to be compromised will be disabled and any devices associated with it will be banned from the wireless network.

Connecting to the LPS Guest wireless network

On the device, go to the wireless network settings and view the available networks on your device

- Choose the network that starts with "LPS-Guest-20**" (** being the SY) network from the list

- Enter the password obtained from the school, office or event organizer

- An End User License agreement page will appear, click the Accept button to enable internet access

- If the End User License agreement page does not appear after connecting, please try browsing to site such as This should force the agreement page to appear.

- Guests using LPS managed devices will automatically have access to the LPS network. If the device is experiencing connectivity issues please reach out to the LPS Help Desk.

Information for Guests

The process for connecting to the LPS guest wireless network will be similar to connecting to any public wireless network. If help is needed after acquiring and entering the password then please reach out to the LPS Help Desk.

Information for LPS staff

Staff members that would like to connect to our network using their personal devices should connect to LPS-Wireless. For help on connecting to to the LPS wireless net as a staff member please see the article "Connecting to the LPS Wireless network (Staff)"

Staff attempting to connect to the guest network as a workaround will not resolve connectivity issues. The Staff and Guest networks connect to the same access point device in the room. This also creates a problem where a device may start switching between the staff and guest networks causing endless disconnect & reconnect loops.

Any staff having wireless issues should report it to the LPS Help Desk. Staff should also contact the LPS Help Desk if the wireless is no longer working on a device that was connected to the guest network in the past.

Information about students

Students are not allowed on the wireless network from any device other than their own LPS issued devices. Please do not store the guest network password publicly (such as a piece of paper on your desk) and do not share the password anyone other than another guest. Sharing passwords with students can cause unnecessary self-inflicted problems for our guests and staff connected to this network.