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Sharing your screen to a ViewSonic interactive display


Turning on the Miracast feature on the display

- Go to the home screen

- Tap the down arrow to view all the apps

- Tap on the Miracast app

- The Miracast app window will appear

- Tap on the switch to the right of the word "Miracast" to turn on the mirroring feature

- Note the device name that appears under "Device Name". This is the name of the display you will connect to on your laptop


Starting a screen sharing session 

- On the windows laptop, press the Windows and K keys on the keyboard at the same time

- A side menu will appear on the right side of the screen

- Click on the display to connect to it. The display in the list will have the same name as the device name on physical display.

- Once connected, the status under the display you clicked on will change to "Connected".

- If needed you can change the way content is displayed by clicking "Change projection mode".

- You can select from either "Duplicate" or "Extend". Duplicate will mirror your laptop screen to the display. Extend will treat the display as a second monitor

NOTE: You can also change the projection mode later by pressing the Windows and P keys on the keyboard at the same time.

A menu bar will also appear at the top of the screen. When you are finished with the session you can click "Disconnect" to stop sharing the laptop to the display.