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Searching Phone Numbers

When searching for phone numbers, we highly suggest searching under Contacts. It's best to search partial parts of the number and narrow down your results from there, unless your 100% sure that is the number you are looking for.





The Contact search for Phone Numbers finds any the number across any Relationship Types across any Phone Number Types associated to any student. 

It also searches in any part of the phone number.

The problem with seaching for phone numbers under students is that.

  • The home_phone is only for the student, not the home phone for guardian1 or guardian2. 
  • The guardian1 and guardian2 could also possibly have a home phone, cell phone, guardian phone, and a day phone. 
  • The field searches are usually exact matches unless specifically saying contains, so searching for 978-975-1234 is not the same as 978.975.1234 or 978 975 1234 or 978 975 1234 ext.1234.



The students home_phone field should be updated by school staff when they are asked to update the Primary Contacts phone, but normally will not list a Cell phone as they don't have a Home Phone.