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How do I access my PowerSchool synced Google Classroom?

Google classrooms are automatically synced with PowerSchool classes. A teacher will see the classroom in Google Classroom as long as they are set up as a lead teacher in PowerSchool. Any students enrolled/un-enrolled into your class will automatically update nightly. You do not need to invite a student to your class or send out invites. This part is done automatically.

If you want to have your own roster not tied to PS, you will need to create a new Google classroom. DO NOT RENAME or REUSE the existing PS synced class. IT WILL UPDATE NIGHTLY and remove your changes. 

Before the teacher can begin managing the classroom they will need to accept the teaching invitation in Google Classroom.

Accepting the PowerSchool classroom in Google Classroom

1. Log into Clever. If you need assistance logging in see the article "How do I log into Clever? - Teachers & Staff"

2. Locate the Google Apps section (you may need to scroll down to see it). Click on the Google Classroom App.

3. Look for the classroom named after the one created in PowerSchool. You may need may need to scroll down to find it.

4. The classroom will have its name, period & section. Below that will be the description "You're invited to teach this class created by your administrator" along with 2 buttons.

If your students stay with you for all the core classes, please only accept your Homeroom. UNLESS you plan on putting different content/assignments under each of the cores.  (Usually applies to lower grades if students in HR stay together and don't roam for subject matter classes.)

5. Click the Accept button to start teaching the classroom.

NOTE: If a classroom is declined it will appear again the following day. This will make the classroom available again for acceptance.

6. You will be taken to the classroom page where you can begin managing the classroom.

NOTE: DO NOT change the Section & Room information in the Class Details section under the Class settings. This information is used to sync with PowerSchool and will get overwritten automatically if changed.

Once Accepted, kids will start syncing nightly. 

Note on Classroom folder

Each classroom in Google Classroom will have a folder set up in Google Drive. This folder is meant for students to submit work and for some applications to save data into.

DO NOT modify, add or remove the files or folders located inside the classroom folder. Doing so can cause issues with the Classroom.

Do not modify any files and folders inside this section