Link EasyBridge/Realize Classes to Google Classroom

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Logging in to Realize via EasyBridge

- Log in to the Clever Portal.

- Once at the Clever Portal home page, click on the "Savas EasyBridge Plus" bookmark.

- Click the triangle next to the Classroom name you want, then click the Savvas Realize link for that class.


Resetting the Google Classroom link

- Click on your name in the upper right, then select "Settings" from the drop-down menu.

- Scroll down the profile page to the section named "Account Linking", then click the "Disconnect" button.

- A popup window labelled "Are you sure?" will appear. Click the "Yes" button.

- Click the "Get Started" button to reconnect your account.

- A page labeled "Sign in with Google" may show up if you are logged into more than one Google account, if so, please use your LPS account (ends with

- Allow Realize the access to link classes in Realize to the classes in Google Classroom.


Linking existing Realize classes with existing Google Classroom classes

- Click on "Classes" on the top of the Realize Website.

- Look for the class you want to link, then click on "Class settings".

- Click on "Connect Google Class".

- Select the correct Google Class from the list.

- If you had changed the title of the Google Classroom, look at section notes under the title to see the original name.

- Select the Realize Class of the same name.

- Make sure it stay "(Linking)" in Realize Class, and you have selected the right program for the class, then click on the "Review" button.

- Make sure it say "Linking Google Classroom Class with a Realize Class".

- After the process, it will list the class to connected between both system.

- You can repeat the linking process for each of your classes.

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