How to Enable or Disable Send All Calls

"Send All Calls" is a feature on your desk phone that will automatically send any incoming call to voicemail. This feature is sometimes used in cases where someone may not be in the office for an extended period of time and would like calls automatically forwarded to voicemail.

When this feature is enabled the phone will ring once before the caller is taken to voicemail.


Disable/Enable Send All Calls

- On the phone screen there will various options split across 2 columns.

- The small buttons along the left and right sides will activate or de-activate the corresponding options on each side of the column.

- To disable or enable Send All Calls look for the entry labelled SEND ALL CALLS on the screen.

- If you do not see the entry, you can change what is displayed in the columns by pressing either the left or right arrow buttons on the phone. Keep pressing one of the keys until you see SEND ALL CALLS displayed on the screen.

- Pressing the button next to next to the SEND ALL CALLS entry will disable or enable this feature.

- You can tell if the feature is on or off by looking at the light on the button. If the feature is enabled there will be a green light on the button. If the feature is disabled there will be no light.



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