Personal MacBook not Connecting to LPS-Wireless

  1. Click the Wireless icon and Open Network Preferences.
  2. A pop up box should appear, click Advanced.

3.Select LPS-Wireless and remove by clicking the minus (-) sign underneath.

*Please also note the WiFi Address. This can be sent to the LPS Help Desk along with the room location the issue is happening in if this is not resolved after following all step in this guide.

4. Click the WiFi icon once again. This time turn off the WiFi and turn back on.

5. Look for LPS-Wireless and enter your LPS email and password credentials

6. If the issue persists please send your WiFi address and the Mac OS version your MacBook is currently running.


Posted by: Cristian Manzano - August 9, 2021. This article has been viewed 52 times.
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