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Application Syncing Process Request

School / District
Find out what is currently syncing. Let them know.
If Licenses are for whole school regardless of subject of the application, sync the homeroom.

If licenses are limited, target the grade, or the subject matter core classes. Be wary of license limits for teacher/admin count as well. Some are unlimited, some are not as we've learned which would require targeted. 

If licenses are extremely limited, last resort option is to target subset of students using the syncing course in PS. Classes/Sections need to be created depending on their needs and what the application can do for reporting. Some applications will already do schools and grades, so there might not be one created for each grade. Really depends on the app.
If it’s a school comparison as a whole, then create 1 class/section for all, then dump the subset of all the students in here.
If they want it by grade, then create multiple class/sections for each grade, then dump the subset of all the students in here by grade.
If they want it by HR, then create multiple class/section for each grade, then dump that subset of kids from each HR in here.