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Personal Printing

We will no longer support personal printing due to Microsoft Security Patch KB5008380—Authentication updates (CVE-2021-42287). Due to the severity of that compromise, we are no longer able to defer the update or work around it. As of a few days ago (when we finally had to push out the update even though it was released October 11, 2022) the Enforcement Phase Update Enforcement mode will be enabled on all Windows domain controllers (what essentially authenticates your login for everything, pcs/email/PowerSchool/Clever/Google/Microsoft/everything that you use the same username and password for) and will be required. We have 4 print servers, 950+ printers, 140+ different printer models, 20+ sites, unknown configurations of personal devices running Macs/Windows/ChromeOS, what versions of Mac/Windows/ChromeOS, what anti-virus software, what security policies, what WiFi policies and the unlimited number of unknown factors and customizations on your personal device. It could take over a tech over an hour to install a managed printer on a personal device if not longer.


The options are

Sign out an LPS Managed mobile device.

Send the file to a coworker with an LPS managed device that can print.

Save whatever you need to print to your shared drive, log into a LPS Managed device like a desktop and print it.

Hardwire a USB cable to the printer and install the driver on your personal device.